Video Production in the Yorkshire Dales


Rural Crafts
Short programmes about rural crafts both old and new.

The Gamekeeper

The Gamekeeper
Produced in association with one of the local grouse moors, this video follows the gamekeepers through some of their year round activities. From heather burning to grouse counting and the shoot itself. Narrated by one of the keepers as he goes about his work.

Hawes Farmers Auction Mart

Hawes Farmers Aution Mart
Produced in association with the Hawes Auction Mart. This video gives the viewer an insight into the working of the livestock auction. With interviews with the people who work there and with the people who come to buy and sell their animals.


Programmes about some of the many tourist destinations throughout the world


Surgery TV
Medical and local events screened for the Dales.


Prince Charles visits the Yorkshire dales, to look at local Millennium Trust projects.