Video Production in the Yorkshire Dales


Programmes of various amateur dramatic and operatic productions

A Dales Medley

A Dales Medley
This video combines the music from Muker Silver Band‘s first cassette “A Dales Medley” with the stunning scenery of Swaledale and surrounding areas.


Muker Centenary
A Celebration of the Swaledale village and the centenary of the founding of its famous silver band. It traces the bands founding and subsequent history, up to the centenary in 1997. An unusual combination of music, image and story.


Programmes of concerts held in the Dales during the Millennium celebrations.

Ambulance in the Snow

Rural Medical Services
Short programmes about the delivery of medical services in the Yorkshire Dales throughout the year.

Gayle Mill

Gayle Mill
Site of the oldest water turbine in Great Britain.