Video Production in the Yorkshire Dales

The New metal Sculpture in Hawes

Report on the new Metal Sculpture at Town Foot in Hawes, of a Farmer and his animals.

The new sculptures replace the much loved Wooden Sculptures that had started to rot away. The “Hawes in Bloom” team carried out the work erecting the sculpture.

Released: Tornado and Flying Scotsman

Tornado and Flying Scotsman
on the Settle to Carlisle Line

The Tornado 60163 Train runs a scheduled Steam hauled service on the Settle to Carlisle Railway Line up to Appleby from Leeds in February, before the reopening of the line on 31st March 2017.

The Flying Scotsman travels from Keighley to Carlisle and back on the day the line reopened.

The Semerwater Spear Project

Between October the 28th and 30th 2016, a temporary structure was created on Semerwater stretching out into the Lake. Created to celebrate the discovery of an intact Bronze Age Spearhead in 1937.

Featuring the casting of a replica bronze spearhead, music, art and poetry live events over the 3 days. Organised by the Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes.

The sculpture was created by the artist David Murphy.

Trailer for The Hill Farmer in the Yorkshire Dales

We have just created a 5 minute trailer on YouTube for the Hill Farmer in the Yorkshire Dales production.

Please take a look, and of course you can purchase it from our new shop, (sorry UK residents only at the moment).

Millenium Trust Projects


Prince Charles visits the Yorkshire dales, to look at local Millennium Trust projects.

Foot and Mouth


Programme about the effects of Foot and Mouth in the Yorkshire Dales area.