Video Production in the Yorkshire Dales

Released: The Restoration Gayle Mill

The Restoration of Gayle Mill

This programme tells the story of Gayle Mill`s restoration from the time the Mill was put on the market in the 1980s, to The Gayle Mill Trust vacating the Mill, at the request of the North of England Civic Trust in 2018.

Old video material is used in the early part of this story.

The programme is divided into sections dealing with the restoration:

The Fabric of the Building
The Water system: Leat and Weir
The Turbines: including the oldest in situ Water Turbine designed by Professor Thompson in 1878
The Flat Belting System and late 19th Century Woodworking Machinery
The Electricity Generation from water power starting in 1900

The New metal Sculpture in Hawes

Report on the new Metal Sculpture at Town Foot in Hawes, of a Farmer and his animals.

The new sculptures replace the much loved Wooden Sculptures that had started to rot away. The “Hawes in Bloom” team carried out the work erecting the sculpture.

Released: Tornado and Flying Scotsman

Tornado and Flying Scotsman
on the Settle to Carlisle Line

The Tornado 60163 Train runs a scheduled Steam hauled service on the Settle to Carlisle Railway Line up to Appleby from Leeds in February, before the reopening of the line on 31st March 2017.

The Flying Scotsman travels from Keighley to Carlisle and back on the day the line reopened.